The Spirit of Flower


Title: 花之精靈 The Spirit of Flower

Medium: 筆與墨水, 數位 Pen and Ink, Digital
Date: June 2015

*本件作品於2016年榮獲洛杉磯插畫協會 SILA Illustration West 54競賽入選並於協會的展覽中展出。

*本件作品於2016年榮獲3x3 Magazine學生展中獲得插畫優等殊榮。
(3x3 Magazine是第一個美國定期出版的畫冊,行銷遍及全世界,完全奉獻於現代插畫藝術,旨在分享新銳的國際插畫。)

"當她出現之時, 春天將近"
"When she is coming, spring is coming"

這張最早是在2014年年底時創作出來. 當時常常利用在等待LoL進入遊戲時間或各種電腦等待時間,
諸如動畫渲染, 開啟大型檔案或觀看LoL比賽中間時, 拿起手邊的硬卡紙直接在上面用墨水筆作畫.
那時畫了許多塗鴉, 這張作品也是其中之一. 在畫的時候我感受到這張畫的潛力, 於是便把它掃描進電腦裡進行加工與描繪.

Initially, his illustration was made on the end of 2014. I like to draw something on thick papers while I'm waiting for my computer such as loading a game from League of Legends, rendering animation or in the middle of watching LoL's games.
I'm drawing so many drafts, and this was one of them. I felt that it had some sort of potential to be developed, therefore I sacnned it into computer and refine it by Photoshop.



Flower Spirit  

最初掃描進電腦時的樣子, 只有右方有些部分做放淡, 以及皮膚添加了一些膚色.

It was what it looked like in the beginning. I adjusted the right side to be bright and added color on her skins. 


Flower Spirit- WIP2  

做了進一步的處理後, 更讓我確信這張畫有吸引人的地方.

The further adjustment. It convinced me that this one could be appealing.


Flower Spirit - Work In Progress7  

那一陣子剛好去逛了大都會博物館, 所以在畫的過程中, 我一直會聯想到比較古典的用色, 例如天空的色彩與皮膚的表現.

In the time I visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
It affected me that how those acdamic paintings presenting the color of skin and the color of sky. 


由於上半年我都在忙著學校的畢業專案, 所以並沒有全心全意地完成這幅畫, 直到畢業專案弄完後才繼續接續上面這張的進度, 然而之後接著就遭遇了我的電腦被格式化的突發狀況, 雖然進度有救回來, 但是是最後一次貼在我的私噗裡縮小解析度版本, Psd原檔也還沒有救回.
所幸之後用一些還原軟體有把上圖這個進度的原解析度圖片找回, 所以我可以直接接著在上面加筆.

這張圖中, 我想嘗試的除了色彩的營造外, 更重要的是顏色的純粹感和半真實的感覺. 裡面沒有使用太過強眼的色彩過度變化, 補色方面也是盡量維持在同一個色系裡.
另一方面, 也是試試看掃描之後的作品, 和數位方式能夠做到怎麼樣的結合.

也希望大家會喜歡這次的創作, 我們下次再見!

Since I focused on my graduation project from the end of 2014 to the middle of 2015, I didn't painting this painting continually until the project ended. 
And then I suffered a problem that my computer crashed and files were formatted. Although I rescued some of them, there are still something I'm losing. 
For example, I haven’t found the psd file of this painting. Fortunately, I found the original resolution of this painting with jpeg format. That why I could keep drawing on the top of it.

In this painting, I attempted not only refining colors delicately but also keeping the purity of colors and its realistic. I didn't add too aggressive colors for making strong contrast on one object itself.

Hopefully you like this painting, and see you next time! 










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