The Moment of Reincarnation






“…Where am I?”
“The End, but it’s also the Beginning”


I’ve always been interested to the concept of Karma and reincarnation. This illustration was also based on it.

The key words of the illustration from the beginning were: Out-of-body experience and Funeral.

When I did the draft, the story of the illustration was:
The death of the princess was caused by the king’s younger brother, but the reason of it is still behind the scenes. The knight, raised together with the princess and admires her so much, was the only one who has the doubt of the princess’s death.
In the funeral, the royal wizard had a concern of the princess’s death when she saw the unusual ambassadors from the other world who came and took the princess’s soul. They’d must come for a reason.

The illustration in other sites:

The Process of The Moment of Reincarnation

上圖是這幅畫作的作畫過程,與之前的HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2015!相似,在草稿後先從色塊鋪陳開始,再將光影作上。

The picture above is the process that how I created the illustration. It’s similar to the illustration “HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2015!” After finishing the draft, the illustration was begun with the blocks of colors, and then built the lights and shadows. I’d inquired suggestions and advices of the illustration on the sixth stage and received so many good suggestions. To clarify the story of the illustration, I made a connection between the above and below spaces in its space.

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