Transmutation of Love

愛之蛻變 Transmutation of Love
Novmember 2015
Pen and Ink, Digital


I had brought some meanings about the illustration before starting drawing. However, creating a beautiful painting was still the prior consideration.
I would like viewers to discover or guess the meaning of the illustration by themselves.

How would you think about the meaning of this illustration?


Young ladies are like a bud that ready to bloom. Blooming flowers can also represent the youth. The elves around her are represented her thoughts in various ways.

The flower in the illustration is Papaver rhoeas which has different meanings around the world.
Regardless of the meaning, I thought it would be good to depict the lady based on how the bud and the blooming flower look like.  


The picture below is the process of the illustration. I had a draft on the paper in the beginning and then scanned it into computer.
I had changed several places of it, mostly on her hair style and how the flowers were placed on her head.

I had considered about keeping empty spaces around her, just like the step two.
After all, I decided to fill all the spaces with objects. I thought it would be more like my painting style that filling every places on the canvas.

Transmutation of Love_process

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