*"Me, Drawing, NYC"於2016年在3x3雜誌所舉辦的第十三屆國際插畫競賽學生項目中獲得優等殊榮。
(3x3 Magazine是第一個美國定期出版畫冊,行銷遍及全世界,完全奉獻於現代插畫藝術,旨在分享新銳的國際插畫。)
In 2016, "Me, Drawing, NYC" had been selected as a Merit in 3x3 International Illustration Student Show No.13.


"Me, Drawing, NYC"在我的網站的介紹頁面。
The page of "Me, Drawing, NYC" in my website.

Me, Drawing, NYC是我在Fashion Institute of Technology所做的視覺論文,以動畫插畫的方式呈現我、身為一位台灣留學生,在美國紐約街頭速寫、行走的情景。

The original moscats I designed for this project that inspired by different famous spots in New York City. I depicted myself as a little blue guy playing among them.

同時,Me, Drawing, NYC於2016年榮獲3x3雜誌所舉辦的第十三屆國際插畫競賽學生項目的Merit獎項。這個莫大的肯定也讓我感到作為畢業作品的視覺論文,我所做的大膽嘗試沒有白費。
In 2016, Me, Drawing, NYC has been selected as a Merit in 3x3 International Illustration Student Show No.13.

視覺論文可以說是Fashion Institute of Technology插畫碩士課程的畢業製作。會以視覺論文為名是因為在一年級的時候,我們必須先完成一個以插畫為主題的寫作論文。

I make art to share my happiness and to make people joyful through my work. Typically, my art has involved digital painting with intricate details and vibrant color. Storytelling and interesting compositions are important elements for making compelling illustrations for me. A sketchbook in my bag allows me to draw anywhere, anytime and capture an inspirational moment from any environment. As an international student from Taiwan studying in New York City since 2012, I have experienced diverse things that opened my mind to appreciating art. This journey gave me the opportunity to digress from my existing style of drawing to explore new ways of working. I have created a body of work entitled “Me, Drawing, NYC”

Me, Drawing, NYC is an animated illustration series related to myself, showcasing various places in the city documenting my experiences of studying abroad. I want to convey how New York City looks through my eyes. Each illustration is a fixed scene with animated elements. I portrayed myself as a little blue guy who is drawing in a sketchbook in each place, meanwhile expressing my feelings such as curiosity, surprise, isolation or delight. To make the illustration compelling, I designed mascots for each place that appears in the project. The mascots are based on the locations’ features, using strong characteristics and exaggerated actions. For example, in the illustration about Grand Central, the mascot is a giant four-legged monster whose green skin is based on the color of the ceiling and whose head shape is similar to the design of the window frames. His flying down in Grand Central Station represents the way I feel people are always busily flying through the station. And in the Central Park piece, I couldn’t lie down on the grand lawn like other people, therefore I designed the mascot of Central Park which helped me escape the location. The mood of this project is portrayed with cartoonish, humorous, bright and happy aspects. Also, I sculpted figurines of the mascots and the little blue guy, bringing them to life. It also helped me to observe their dynamic motions better. Furthermore, there is a sketchbook of reportages I did around the city that helped me develop this body of work.

Art for me is a language for communicating with the world. My passion for art has allowed me to express diverse ways of communicating through illustration and animation.

Snow Central Park Highline

Subway Grand Central Museum


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